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LIFT SERVICE is a dynamically developing company with many years of experience in servicing and repairing forklifts, current service, repairs and maintenance according to UDT recommendations. In addition, we offer mechanics, electromechanics of other machines and devices. Our knowledge and experience are inextricably linked with the high quality of our services. We believe that thanks to our diligence, reliability, dedication and individual approach to each client, we will establish a permanent and impeccable cooperation with you.

Forklifts Bydgoszcz – LIFT SERVICE:

Forklifts are currently the basis for material handling, modern transport, as well as for the storage and commissioning of products. We offer you the sale of new model models, such as UNICARRIERS, TOYOTA and HANGCHA, as well as their rental and service. We also offer used forklifts from other manufacturers. We offer forklift trucks, the values ​​of which are also appreciated by Polish entrepreneurs. We invite you to purchase, rent or repair the quality of forklifts, with us each solution is tailored to the needs of each user!

Forklifts – Bydgoszcz? Choose the best option for you!

There are over thirty brands of this equipment on the Polish market of forklift rental, sale and service. We offer you a choice between UNICARRIERS, TOYOTA, HANGCHA models, taking into account the various needs of our customers. Choosing the right model and type of forklift truck depends on a few basic factors, including detailed information about what types of goods will be transported, what is their expected weight, dimensions and method of destination transport. When selecting a forklift correctly, its total load capacity and the so-called working environment also count. In this respect, the UNICARRIES, TOYOTA and HANGCHA models differ in terms of maneuverability, tire selection and fuel type. We always ask our customers where the work of the trolley will take place, how many hours a day it will take and to what height the normally transported products are lifted.

Bydgoszcz – new and used forklifts available depending on the business plans of our clients!

When asked: forklifts – Bydgoszcz, our customers indicate UNICARRIES, TOYOTA and HANGCHA as part of our services. We realize that the rental or purchase of a new or used trolley is a serious decision of an entrepreneur who must not only choose the appropriate brand, but also calculate its financial value in relation to the planned depreciation of the equipment. The UNICARRIES, Toyota and HANGCHA models are designed to take into account even slightly less common factors of the equipment working environment along with height limits, including ceiling beam restrictions, width and length of transport lines and other parameters. Our experts will advise you in making the right decisions about the right equipment!

Forklifts Bydgoszcz – we sell, rent and service!

Forklifts from manufacturers such as UNICARRIERS, Toyota, and HANGCHA are classified as the most ecological, with the most favorable ergonomics of their operation. The designers of these brands made sure that their price was relatively low and the operator’s comfort was really high. The brands of forklifts that we recommend to our customers are safe and durable in trouble-free operation. We sell, rent and service them with the utmost conviction. Forklifts delivered to us for service are diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible, because we respect the time of the entrepreneur, for whom the downtime in using the forklift may cause financial losses. We are doing everything to avert such a crisis!

UNICARRIERS, Toyota, HANGCHA forklifts in Bydgoszcz

Entrepreneurs who turn to us with the need to buy forklifts must decide whether to purchase a new or used forklift. We advise them on this decision, ensuring that the UNICARRIES, Toyota and HANGCHA truck models are truly safe and durable. Of course, each of us would like to be able to pick up new equipment from the production line, but it is not always necessary and economically justified. For good equipment manufacturers, the risk of service downtime is not large or significant. So if we are looking for equipment that will be used sporadically, we can even consider the option of renting. Similarly, if the work of the forklift is planned as systematic, but moderate, it pays to invest in a used one. UNICARRIES, Toyota and HANGCHA forklift models are available from us immediately. We are also well-stocked with their spare parts if there is a need for a quick service. In addition to new forklifts from these companies, we also provide you with other used forklifts, and you can consult their selection with our specialists who never refuse a substantive conversation with the customer.

Forklifts – Bydgoszcz. A great selection of a stroller awaits you with us and full satisfaction in its use!

The forklifts that you can purchase, rent or service from us meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our clients recommend them to their contractors and friends. We constantly offer new models of UNICARRIERS, Toyota and HANGCHA brands, and we suggest the selection of other types of used trucks, if necessary. The demand for forklifts in Poland is increasing, because forklifts are perfect for transport services and warehouse management. Forklifts in Bydgoszcz are the domain of our specialists and enthusiasts who constantly expand their knowledge of forklift trucks and other transport and storage equipment. Come to us! With us, you can choose a new or used forklift truck, make the right decision about renting it or get a fast and reliable forklift service!

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